R/EQUAL is a European cooperation project that provides material for other institutions in higher education to plan and implement requalification programmes for (recently) immigrated and refugee teachers.

Results will be represented in four modules (intellectual outputs):

  • a theoretical framework with a comparative analysis of the current situation of (recently) immigrated and refugee teachers (March 2019),
  • a manual for language learning considering all language competencies existing in a translingual learning setting in Higher Education (September 2019),
  • a toolbox of educational methods for working on the topic of heterogeneity and school considering the European anti-discrimination policy (February 2020),
  • a digital library with references to scientific papers and studies on teacher education and (re-)professionalisation (August 2020),
  • an evaluation of the re-qualification programmes under participation of refugee teachers¬† in its creation and progressing and
  • a general guideline including all results as well as further recommendations to set up a programme for (recently) immigrated and refugee teachers (February 2021).

The modules will be complemented by the evaluation of the participatory approach (January 2021) carried out in the programme as well as an overall guideline which will be presented at the end of the project in spring 2021.

The modules are presented on this website due to the timeline of the project R/EQUAL.

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